Other Links

Piano Technicians Guild – official site of the PTG, a good place to learn about piano maintenance and history

Fazioli Pianos: Philosophy  –  builders some of the world’s finest pianos, their site tells all with pics and videos

Ratko Delorko: The History of the Modern Piano in 22 Instruments – two youtube videos of a show depicting the evolution of the piano from harpsichord and clavichord through to the modern piano

Bolduc Pianos – suppliers to the piano building industry world-wide and to rebuilders, specializing in the manufacture of sound boards and pin blocks. Located in the heart of the hardwood forests of Quebec.

How Pianos Are Built – a promotional video produced in the 1950s by the Rudolf Wurlitzer Company, it offers a good overview of manufacturing processes of the day.  I can’t recommend their product, but the video is well done. Other related videos come up after that one, as per usual with YouTube!

Piano News – a blog about the world of pianos, what’s new, what’s old.  Interesting reading and listening.

D and S Pianos – our local dealer for Yamaha pianos, supplier of rental grand pianos for concerts, plus tuning and rebuilding shop now in their new custom-designed facilities

Other technicians serving the London area, all are graduates of the Piano Technology Program at Western University:

Ariel Harwood-Jones

Brad Selves

Raimo Pehkonen

Other blogs by Ralph Thorn Pianos:

Wing and Son Piano – a website featuring the rebuilding of this musically significant instrument by Ralph Thorn Pianos


Nunns Square Piano – a website featuring the rebuilding of this instrument by Ralph Thorn Pianos


Broadwood 507 – a website featuring the rebuilding of a beautiful 6′ grand from the mid-19th century


Mason and Risch Square Grand – a website featuring the rebuilding of a Victorian-era large square piano (this site is under construction and will be accessible soon)