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Piano Service Since 1975 – Piano Rebuilding and Tuning  – Historic Instrument Specialist

Serving London, Strathroy and surrounding counties of Middlesex and Lambton (Ontario, Canada)

Please explore this site!  View the Portfolio page to learn about piano interiors and our rebuilding work. 

Change to service due to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

As of July 2021, with the province opening up, I am available for piano service work, with continued care and consideration for everyones health.  I am fully vaccinated but will be wearing a mask and respecting safe distances within houses, at least until more of our population is fully vaccinated.

In addition to this, after working full time as a piano technician for forty-five years I have decided to hand over my piano clients within London to younger and very qualified technicians, graduates of the Piano Technology course at Western University (UWO). At this time I am not taking on any new clients within London city, although I will continue to service outlying areas as well as Strathroy.

I am available to advise via email on future work or purchase or sales of pianos. Feel free to contact me about piano maintenance questions and for referrals to other technicians who may be able to assist.  

Thank you for your understanding.


Feature photo above, July 2019:    Heintzman model A upright built in 1909, action rebuilt by Ralph Thorn Pianos.  Moths and beetles had damaged most felt and cloth components, thus requiring a very comprehensive rebuilding of all mechanical aspects.  All felt, cloth and leather parts in the action and keyboard were replaced, only the original wood and metal remained.  A rebuilt piano can look like new, sound and play like new.  The four piano players in the house are very happy!  Below are two more photos of the same project.

Background photo: Strings of a 1880’s square grand rebuilt by Ralph Thorn

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